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API Service


Set up a Callback URL in your account settings. A request will be sent for each received SMS message. The request parameters are sent via a GET to your Callback URL.

The request parameters sent via a GET to your URL include the following parameters:

Parameter Description
sender Sender number Ex: 1234567890
receiver Recipient number Ex: 1234567890
message Content of the message

Get Messages

This is a simple API service allowing to get previously received messages.

Parameter Description
{email} Required. Your login email Ex: john@gmail.com
{password} Required. Your login password Ex: 1234
{number} Optional. A recipient number Ex: 1234567890

JSON Response

Field Description
from Sender id Ex: 1234567890
to Recipient Number Ex: 1234567890
message Content of the message
date Date when we have received the message expressed in UTC date Ex: 2013-11-15 14:34:40


Get all SMS received on the number "123456789":

JSON response:

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